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Outpatient Psychiatric Services

My Psychiatrist’s board-certified psychiatrists and clinicians treat a wide variety of mental health concerns across the lifespan. Our outpatient practice consists of leaders in the psychiatric field who use the most up-to-date evidence-based treatment options. To treat patients most effectively, these providers may use a traditional or holistic approach, or a combination of both, depending on an individual’s needs.

What Are Outpatient Psychiatric Services?

Outpatient psychiatric services are mental health treatments that take place in an office, hospital or clinical setting but do not require an overnight stay. People receiving inpatient care stay in a psychiatric facility for the duration of their treatment while people receiving outpatient care maintain their routine outside of their treatments.

With the right outpatient psychiatric services, patients can learn to manage their mental health and cope with their stressors while continuing their daily routines and maintaining their normal schedules.

Benefits of Outpatient Psychiatric Services

Outpatient psychiatric services offer patients many benefits, including:

  • Continuity: One of the main advantages of outpatient services is that you can continue to live your life as usual while in treatment. Inpatient services involve 24-hour care at a medical facility, but outpatient services allow you to continue living at home and going about your life as usual.
  • Flexibility: Outpatient services give you the freedom to choose your provider and select appointment times that work for your schedule. 
  • Budget-friendly: Outpatient services are typically much less expensive than inpatient services, as they don’t require room and board. Some insurance providers may also cover part or all of the cost of outpatient services.
  • Discretion: Outpatient services allow you to continue going to work or school as usual, so others may never know you’re receiving treatment unless you choose to tell them.
  • Connection: Outpatient treatment allows you to connect with your therapist face-to-face. 
  • Focus: Some patients find the outpatient environment helps them focus better, as being in an office or clinical environment eliminates the distractions they may experience at home.

Our Outpatient Psychiatric Services

At My Psychiatrist, we provide expert patient assessments, individualized medication management, and a variety of caring therapeutic techniques that maximize treatment effectiveness and patient outcomes. Our passion is to change our patients’ lives by improving how they function at work, in school, at home, and in their relationships with family and loved ones

Our Outpatient Psychiatric Treatment Services Include:


We understand that adults have busy lives, which is why we provide flexible services–so we can support you, even when you don’t feel you have the time. Our team offers telemedicine and office visits, and we connect you with a clinician that best suits your needs, lifestyle, and schedule.


Our team has expertise in geriatric psychiatry. For older adults, our outpatient treatment focuses on relieving symptoms of psychological distress to enhance independence and life satisfaction. We maximize patient potential by concentrating on proper assessment and diagnosis, managing co-existing conditions, careful medication adjustments, family education, and consultation with other health professionals. For this population, we understand that medical needs are necessary to consider while treating psychiatric conditions. We conduct thorough evaluations and choose a treatment that will help you or your loved one’s overall well-being.


We offer expert child and adolescent care. For younger patients, our highly individualized approach to treating emotional distress or struggles starts with addressing underlying biological and environmental characteristics; these are often rooted in their current condition. We are experienced in treating anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, autism, and general behavioral troubles, among many other conditions.


We provide emotional therapeutic counseling to help patients connect their emotional status to their personal needs. Through the counseling, our team helps patients improve emotional adaptivity (which contributes to overall emotional well-being) in addition to interpersonal relationships with friends, families, and others.

Medication Management

Our team devises comprehensive medication management structures to help patients with current psychiatric symptoms. FDA-approved medications can help balance brain chemistry, which is often a primary cause of mental illness. We carefully plan and monitor the patient and their progress, and remain updated on current research to achieve the best possible outcomes.


MAT uses medications and specialized behavioral therapies to address addiction and any accompanying conducts. Monitored prescriptions are used as part of the treatment process to help reduce dependency and the risk of relapse.

Pet Therapy Evaluation

Pet therapy, also known as animal-assisted therapy, is a clinically proven practice we provide to help patients recover. Various forms of pet therapy allow patients to directly interact with animal companions through a safely guided plan. This approach has improved multiple psychiatric conditions.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a pain-free option for people with long-standing depression. This FDA-approved, non-invasive alternative uses a magnet to stimulate the part of the brain associated with depression. The treatment takes minutes and does not require any lifestyle changes due to its low side-effect profile. Our My TMS program is dedicated to assisting patients through the process of recovery, and the My TMS nurse practitioner is available for constant support.

Initial Consultation & Diagnosis

My Psychiatrist’s team of clinicians complete an initial consultation to gather a full history to develop an individualized psychiatric outpatient treatment plan. During this visit, the provider will collaborate with the patient to establish a goal and explore treatment options that can get them there. This process involves assessment, education, and planning and is the first step towards psychological wellbeing.

Psychiatric Surgical Clearance

Specific surgical procedures require mental health evaluations. My Psychiatrist offers this service and collaborates with medical facilities to ensure a smooth process before and after surgery.

Suicide Prevention

The My Psychiatrist team treats those suffering from severe psychological distress and thoughts of suicide with thorough and personal care. We focus on properly evaluating the root causes of a patient’s emotional status, and then help guide the patient through a healthy, supportive safety and recovery process.

Psychiatric Crisis Care

Before any treatment at our outpatient mental health clinics, we routinely assess the need for emergency treatment. People in crisis may be suffering from severe emotional and physical ailments that require immediate assistance. Statistics show that supportive outpatient care leads to shorter and more productive hospitalizations due to early detection and treatment. Please contact us immediately if you feel like you’re in crisis–we can help you now, and then efficiently and appropriately transfer your care to ensure your safety and improve your recovery timeline.

Where to Get Outpatient Psychiatric Care in South Florida

My Psychiatrist is proud to offer outpatient psychiatric services at our South and Central Florida locations. Our My Psychiatrist offices in Miami, Hollywood, Oakland Park, Boca Raton, and Orlando are fully equipped to treat all types of mental health conditions and illnesses. 

Our outpatient mental health professionals in South Florida are here to help you or your loved one get the care they need.

Why Choose My Psychiatrist?

My Psychiatrist provides high-quality outpatient treatment in a welcoming, supportive setting. When you choose our services, you’ll get:

  • Complete care: Our diverse group of highly trained, board-certified psychiatrists and clinicians provides comprehensive treatment plans tailored to our patients’ unique needs, and they can treat virtually any psychiatric condition.
  • Therapy when you need it: Access our services on a schedule that works for you. Our medical professionals will be happy to accommodate you.
  • Convenient locations: We offer expert outpatient care at four easily accessible facilities in South Florida.
  • Easy scheduling: Book your appointment online or call us directly to schedule your therapy session in just minutes. You can request an immediate session or schedule a future appointment.

Contact a Mental Health Provider in South Florida

Whether you’re struggling with depression and anxiety, dealing with the loss of a loved one, going through a divorce or trying to help a loved one with a mental health disorder, My Psychiatrist can provide the psychiatric support you need. 

Our South Florida outpatient psychiatric providers are dedicated to helping people overcome obstacles and improve their quality of life. The My Psychiatrist team includes medical professionals with a range of backgrounds and specialties, so you’re sure to find the right provider for your circumstances.

Schedule your appointment today or get in touch with us for more information.

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