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Substance Abuse: Warning Signs, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Substance abuse is different from addiction, and in some cases, can be addressed through counseling before it progresses to addiction. Substance abuse is when a person drinks heavily, misuses prescription medications, or uses illicit drugs like heroin, cocaine, or crystal meth. People may struggle with substance abuse for many reasons, and if they recognize the problem early enough, they can seek therapy to address the issue before it gets worse. It is also possible to treat substance abuse in the comfort of ones own home through online treatment as well.

Signs Of Substance Abuse

Unfortunately, many social activities include the consumption of alcohol and/or drugs, particularly at parties, nightclubs, music festivals, and even during more casual events like happy hour after work. It can be easy to build a tolerance to substances and begin to consume more to feel the same effect, which leads substance abuse.

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Home Life

Difficulties keeping up with responsibilities at home, school, or work because of substance use


Physical issues (injuries, disease, digestive issues, etc) caused by substance use


Hurting or harming yourself or others because of substance use

Legal Problems

Facing legal problems because of substance use

Continuous Use

Continuing to use substances despite negative effects on relationships, performance at work or school, and emotional, mental, and physical health

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