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World Mental Health Day – Join The Cause

Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness My Psychiatrist

Conversations about mental health are vital. Join us and spread awareness by not only talking about mental health but also acting on it. Mental health is just as important as physical health. At My Psychiatrist, we encourage you to take care of yourself. Prioritize mental health and make it a part of your daily routine.

October 10th is the official World Mental Health Day. The primary objective of this day is to raise mental health awareness, recognize the strides toward advocacy, support, and treatment, and celebrate milestones. Many people, organizations, and other entities join the cause to ensure mental health gets valued, promoted, and protected.

Mental Health Awareness My Psychiatrist

There has been a significant increase in education and awareness of mental health around the world. However, the stigma and discrimination continue to impede many people’s right to mental health. World mental health day encourages to call for a deeper commitment and engagement levels for all parties involved. Everyone can join in raising awareness – even in small ways. Be the change you want to see.

Different organizations give funds, resources, venues, and information to counter disinformation, make treatment available and affordable, support research, and sensitize the communities. Some individuals or groups contribute to the discourse by spreading awareness on social media platforms, websites, corporate circles, religious centers, and learning institutions. There is always room for more people to join because much ground is still untouched.

At My Psychiatrist, our goal is to ensure you receive the best mental health care. We make mental health convenient and affordable. We partnered with major insurers to make sure you have the treatment you need. Get matched with a provider that fits your needs and accepts your insurance.

Mental Health Awareness My Psychiatrist

Here Is How You Can Contribute to The Cause:

Talk About Mental Health Issues

Talk therapy is at the center of a successful mental health treatment. A problem shared is already half solved. Promote mental health awareness by talking about it your circle of friends and colleagues. Learn how mental health struggles and experiences affect your interaction, perspectives, and biases. Look for practical ways to support each other in your mental health journey.

Practice Kindness

Mood disorders are on the rise due to external factors such as the pandemic, natural disasters, political conflicts, and others. Furthermore, the cost of living continues to increase. People become increasingly more troubled and lonelier. Increased usage of social media and remote work nearly eliminates physical connection and a sense of belonging.

Be kind to people. They may be battling a lot in silence. Appreciate a job well done, greet that stranger sitting by themselves, or make someone’s day by paying for their cup of coffee. Those little random acts of kindness can help brighten someone’s day, set them onto a path of success, or give them the resilience they need to face another challenging day.

Participate or Volunteer

Most stakeholders on the frontline of mental health matters are non-profit organizations. They rely on the support of caring volunteers who believe in the cause. Become an active participant in this important mission and be the change you want to see. Learn about different mental health volunteering opportunities and become a mental health advocate. Learn about ways to improve your mental health. Share the message proactively with others.

On this Mental Health Day and Every Day:

  • Do something you enjoy
  • Talk about your feelings
  • Make an in-person social connection
  • Stay active
  • Eat mindfully
  • Take a break
  • Learn new skills
  • Practice good sleep hygiene
  • Ask for help
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My Psychiatrist makes mental health convenient and affordable. Our mission is to help patients with their mental health needs, providing them with the tools they need to live life to the fullest.​ We offer medication management via Telemedicine, as well as a wide range of counseling or therapy options.

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